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Breast Cancer Treatment

Research by Prasad Infertility Solutions and other institutions have found that breast cancer is one of the major problems that are faced by women across the world. Our research says that many such cases can be avoided by an early diagnosis by your gynecologist. The Gynecologists at Prasad Infertility Solutions, the Best Breast Cancer Hospital in Hyderabad, are trained to be the breast cancer diagnosis, specialists. The breast cancer specialists at Prasad Infertility Solutions understand the implications of lifestyle, the stress levels, women’s issues like late pregnancy, avoidance of breastfeeding have on developing breast cancer.

Dr. Suma Prasad and her team of specialists examine the patient and try to understand the lumps, breast discharge, changes in the physical structure and advise the patients on the next course of action. Symptoms:


  • Redness, Swelling, other visible differences in one or both breasts.
  • Vary in the appearance of one or both nipples.
  • General pain in the breast.
  • Nipple discharge other than breast milk.
  • Increase in breast shape or size.
  • Sore or itchy breasts.
  • Peeling or flaking of the skin of the nipple.
  • Swelling or thickening
Breast Cancer Specialist in Hyderabad

What do you need to do?

As soon as you see one or more of the above symptoms, we urge you to contact Dr. Suma Prasad, the Best Breast Cancer Specialist in Hyderabad and her team in running through some tests, prescriptions and the next course of action.


The team at Prasad Infertility Solutions, Best Breast Cancer Hospital in Hyderabad, will evaluate the condition of the patient and advise some basic tests for evaluation. Once the reports come through and the results are understood, there might be a need for a few more advanced tests and then followed by the treatment or refer to specialists within the team Tests and Services that are available at Prasad Infertility Solutions, the best breast cancer diagnosis center are:

Ultrasound breast imaging uses sound waves to produce images of the breast's internal structures. It is primarily used to aid in the diagnosis of breast lumps or other abnormalities that your doctor may have found during a physical examination, mammogram or MRI of the breast. Ultrasound is healthy, non-invasive, and has no radiation used.
Little to no special preparation is required for this procedure. Leave home the jewelry and put on loose, comfortable clothes. You will be asked to undress up from the waist during the procedure and wear a gown
A Fine Needle Aspiration Cytology (FNAC) is a simple procedure involving passing through the skin of a thin needle to extract fluid or tissue from a cyst or solid mass, as shown in the image below. During an FNA, the sample of cellular material taken which is then forwarded for analysis to laboratory. Fine needle aspiration biopsies are often performed when a suspicious lump is detected, such as a breast lump or an enlarged lymph node, or when an abnormality is detected on an imaging test such as x-ray, ultrasound or mammogram. In contrast with other tissue sampling methods such as surgical biopsy, fine needle aspiration is a relatively non-invasive, less painful and quicker process.
An excisional biopsy is a medical test that removes and tests the whole lesion or mass. Your provider will decide what is the best option with you, based on the location and size of the lesion or mass. If the lesion is found to be cancerous, it may require further surgery to remove the whole thing
A mammogram is an X-ray breast picture. Doctors look for early signs of breast cancer with a mammogram. Regular mammograms are the best tests doctors need to detect breast cancer early, sometimes up to three years before they can feel it.
You are going to stand up in front of a special X-ray machine. A technologist at Prasad Infertility Solutions, Best Breast Cancer Hospital in Hyderabad, will place a clear plastic plate on your breast. Another plate from above will press firmly on your breast. The plates will flatten the breast, keeping it still when taking the X-ray. You're going to sense some pressure. Follow the steps to get a side view of the breast. The other breast would also be X-rayed. You'll then wait for the technologist to test the four X-rays to ensure that the pictures don't need to be redone. Keep in mind the technologist can't tell you your mammogram score. The mammogram of each woman looks a little different because all the breasts are a bit different.


1. Lift

A raise of the body enhances the shape and tone of the underlying tissue which supports fat and skin. Also removing excess fat and skin slackening. Body lift procedures are surgical procedures, and extensive incisions are necessary. The length and design of the incision depend on the amount and position of the excess skin to be removed and on the surgical decision. The effects of a boost to the body are almost immediately visible. The final results can take as long as one to two years to fully produce. Get more detail about the effects of body lifts.

Breast Cancer Treatment Cost in Hyderabad
Breast Cancer Treatment in Hyderabad

2. Implant

Cosmetic implant surgery may make certain parts of the body look rounder, fuller and more defined. For instance, buttock implants can make a person's bottom rounder, while pectoral implants are usually performed on men who want a muscular-looking chest.
Buttock and pectoral implants involve surgery to insert formed pieces of silicone into cavities of the skin. A fat implant involves extracting fat from one part of the body (such as the thigh) to plump out or reshape another region, like the facial cheeks. This is also known as autologous transferring fat.

3. Reduction

Breast reduction operation is one of the most common cosmetic procedures. People who have excessively large breasts that cause collar, shoulder, or back pain may benefit from this surgery.
Large breasts can complicate workouts and other activities. Having large breasts can also have negative psychological effects, as some people feel aware of their breast size.
In males with gynecomastia, which is a medical condition in which the breast tissue swells due to high levels of estrogen, physicians may prescribe breast reduction surgery.

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