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About Us

Prasad infertility solutions is a one-stop solution for treating male and female infertility issues. The clinical team at Prasad Infertility solutions focuses on IVF,male infertility and genetics. The team has strong research focus and a hub for innovations in the field of reproductive medicine. There are scientists and clinicians working in tandem to ensure that the mother gives birth to a healthy baby. Dr. Suma Prasad and team has a very high success rate in this field given the support of research and collaborations.

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Why Prasad Infertility Solutions

  • • Has a research lab dedicated to reproductive medicine.
  • • One of the Top Infertility clinics in Hyderabad
  • • A genetics lab, a cryopreservation lab to ensure that new born is healthy
  • • Team of experts (doctors, scientists and embryologists) trained globally to handle complex cases.
  • • A world class clinical facility with technology and systems of international repute
  • • Vast experience in handling international patients

Prasad infertility solutions

Our Legacy

Prasad Infertility Solutions

With a long history from 1969 onwards, Dr.KVR Prasad at Sridevi Maternity & Nursing home, Warasiguda, Hyderabad treating many patients with different health ailments and successful in gynecology, now emerged as Prasad Infertility Solutions under the supervision of Dr. K. Suma Prasad, MD., DGO.

Prasad Infertility solution has come a long way in treating infertile couples for IVF with the state of the art GMP standard, Class 10000, SS Grade 304 Operative theaters and IVF labs @KPHB.

We have established ourselves as a Model IVF Centre in and around Hyderabad with various departments like Gynecology & Obstetrics, Andrology & Male Infertility, Reproductive Endocrinology & PCOD clinic. .