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Prasad Infertility Solutions, one of the best Surrogacy Center in Hyderabad, India with a World class laboratory equipment and a team of doctors dedicated to the surrogacy cases. Prasad Hospitals and Prasad Infertility solutions is a fully equipped surrogacy passionately dedicated to the vision of creating life as a means of changing the world. We do our bit in building happy families globally. We work with couples across the world in delivering the bundle of joy.

How we work with Surrogacies:

    Prasad Hospitals and Prasad Infertility Solutions doesn’t work on any Commercial surrogacies. We work in the best interests of the surrogates and the patients to work out the best possible way complying with the legal aspects of the country and the health concerns of the surrogate and the patient.

    We perform the below to ensure that we comply with the Indian law:

  • 1. Preliminary Background checks of the patient and the surrogate.
  • 2. Medical and psychological tests which meet the needs of Surrogacy
  • 3. Counselling with the surrogate explaining all the details of the surrogacy

Once the required medical tests are complete, the doctors are the best surrogacy clinic in India, Prasad Hospitals do a check with the help of a trial cycle. Prasad Hospitals and Prasad Infertility solutions follows the ICMR guidelines.

Best Surrogacy Center in Hyderabad

Top Surrogacy Centers in Hyderabad

Legal Requirements:

The Indian law for surrogacy is still in grey area. A new bill was passed by Lok-Sabha in 2018 and needs to be passed by Rajya Sabha to convert into a law. As of today, Surrogacy for all nationals is permitted in India. The proposal of the bill is to prohibit commercial surrogacy and we allow altruistic surrogacy. We do surrogacies as implied by the law of the land. For more details call us and discuss the details.

The below are the high lights:

  • • Surrogacy is an arrangement whereby an intending couple commissions a surrogate mother to carry their child.
  • • The intending couple must be Indian citizens and married for at least five years with at least one of them being infertile.  The surrogate mother has to be a close relative who has been married and has had a child of her own.
  • • No payment other than reasonable medical expenses can be made to the surrogate mother. The surrogate child will be deemed to be the biological child of the intending couple.
  • • Central and state governments will appoint appropriate authorities to grant eligibility certificates to the intending couple and the surrogate mother.  These authorities will also regulate surrogacy clinics.


Prasad Hospitals and Prasad Infertility Solutions has the best infrastructure with a world class GMP standard facility for fertility to ensure that the best care is provided in the case of surrogacy

  • • World class laboratory equipment imported.
  • • A top notch cryopreservation unit.
  • • A team of doctors dedicated to the surrogacy cases
  • • Continuous monitoring and feedback to the surrogate and the parents
  • • Embryologists, research scientist working in tandem along with the doctors
  • • A one stop solution for mother and child care research and hospital

Best Surrogacy Center in India

Frequently Asked Questions:

There are two types of surrogacy:

Traditional Surrogacy:

Traditional surrogacy defines surrogate as the genetic mother as she is the egg donor. The egg is extracted from the male partner of the couple and an embryo would be developed. This embryo would be extracted into the womb of the surrogate

Gestational Surrogacy:

The surrogate gives the “womb” to the donor. She doesn’t pass nay genetic material to the baby. The egg comes from either the female partner of the infertile couple or from an anonymously. As per the ICMR regulations, Prasad Hospitals and Prasad Infertility Solutions offer altrusitic Gestational Surrogacy.

As per the new Indian bill, a relative of the couple would have to act as surrogate. In case there is no one, the next best alternative is to find a anonymous surrogate. Please get in touch with us to discuss these details.

Recruitment of the surrogate followed by the testing of the surrogate for all the tests is the first step of Surrogacy. The criteria needed to establish if the uterus is good for pregnancy is identified. This process would take a month. The subsequent process is to ensure that the fertility process begins.

As we don’t do any commercial surrogacies, the costs involved are the medical costs involved in the surrogacy, fertility and pregnancy procedures. The costs depend on the kind of treatment needed post the initial evaluation. It would not be possible to arrive at a number without evaluation.